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Natural Ways to Balance Female’s Hormones


If our hormonal imbalance aren’t properly balanced, then we start to feel the effects, even though we do not know the root cause. The changes in mood, the sensitization to oily, light hair and skin and feeling as if you’re eating something and feeling sleepy, anxious or stress, as well as irritation can all be indications of Women tend to be more susceptible to changes in the balance of hormones, particularly during pregnancy, in stress or, after an age at which the hormonal balance starts to shift for women. However, restoring normal hormones isn’t a problem. A few of the ideas below were suggested from the Dr. Srividya Nandakumar (Senior Naturopath Jindal Nature cure Institute).

The first signs of Hormonal Unbalance Let’s discuss ways to manage your hormones by using natural methods.

  •  Take care when drinking alcohol: Drinks that contain caffeine, alcohol as well as sugar may disrupt the hormone balance within our bodies, since they stimulate levels of cortisol which interferes with the function of eggs. If you’re dehydrated, you can drink regular coconut or mineral water. If you want energy, drink green tea. It has the right amount of caffeine as well as the amino acid L-theanine that helps keep the brain tense.
  • Reduce stress : Many times, we neglect our health when we are stressed and begin consuming processed food and don’t get enough sleep. Stress can cause excess cortisol levels within the body, which causes fatigue. If this occurs, your body’s ability to fight illnesses decreases, and your hormone balance begins to degrade. Get a bath, go on an exercise class or walk to ease tension.


  • Consume flaxseed seeds : Flaxseeds are vital to healthy living. They are rich in of lignan, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. They aid maintain normal blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health. Studies have proven that for women who consume flaxseed seeds as part of their diets, their estrogen levels and progesterone levels rise. It is vital to keep hormonal balance within women. It is also possible to consume flaxseed oil for numerous health benefits . Such as hormone imbalances, health of the skin as well as hair and skin health. Be sure to ensure when purchasing it: that it is 100 organic.


Stop smoking: Tobacco can have a negative impact on a variety of hormones. Researchers from the University of Reading have made it clear that smoking affects thyroid function .

As it triggers pituitary hormones, and raises cortisol. If you’re looking to stop smoking, now is the perfect time to do it.


  • Make sure you are using dairy products in a responsible way: Dairy products are an excellent supply of vitamins and minerals. However, if concerned about hormones that affect sexuality, then be cautious about eating dairy products, especially creams and yogurts. A study has proven that consumption of dairy products can lower the levels of certain hormones. The studies have also demonstrated the connection between yogurt and cream and the anovulatory cycle.


  • Take supplements and hubs, as well as eat them: Vitamin C B5, Eleuthero as well as Robiola are all hubs that supply energy. They help to support neurotransmitters, and also increase the release of stress hormones. They assist in creating the hormone balance within the body. Maca is another potent herb that can help menopausal issues like night sweating or extreme temperature. It aids in boosting healthy fats. Mix maca powder into your green tea and help balance your hormones in a natural way.


  • Yoga Sana for Exercises: Benefits of Yoga and regular exercise can’t be denied. This improves circulation throughout the body. endorphins are released, weight remains stable and the health of your heart is also great. Exercise is a natural remedy for people. It lowers the levels of cortisol that is produced in the body, and aids in reducing stress. Engage in aerobic exercises that are light for minimum 150 minutes each week.


  • Sleep in completeness: The brain cleanses the body during sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to get minimum eight hours of rest every day. This ensures that cortisol, melatonin and homatropine hormones are all balanced in the body. Make sure you sleep in a dark space that is free of blue light from the laptop, phone or TV screen. By following these simple steps to naturally regulate your hormones within less than three weeks. If the issue persists, consult a reputable yoga instructor and naturopath, who can provide you with the correct advice to meet your specific needs.
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