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What Are The Options Available To Record Your Screen?

What Are The Options Available To Record Your Screen?

What Are The Options Available To Record Your Screen?

A straightforward video clip used to need a time-consuming process, expensive equipment, and substantial knowledge and skill required to create and edit videos. Anyone may now record their desktop screens in a high-definition video if they wish to make an instructional or game video.

If you’re looking for an easy and economical way to record everything on your screen, you’ve come to the right spot. You may learn how to record your desktop screen in this post using either free screen recorder software or the free program that is already installed on Windows.

Option 1: Free Screen Recording Software Built Into Windows

Although recording a desktop screen is not particularly challenging, it may take some time for PC users with no prior experience to learn how to record high-quality clips from their desktops.

●    Run the Xbox app after launching it.

In the latest versions of Windows 10 later than Windows 7, you can record your desktop screen using the Xbox app, whereas, in earlier versions of Windows 10, you need a screen recorder for PC. If you’re having issues, just type “Xbox” into the search bar to find this program, then click its icon to begin using it. You can start recording soon.

●    Utilizing the Integrated MS PowerPoint Program

The Microsoft PowerPoint program is well-known for being a tool for producing flawless presentations, but the most recent edition of this program now includes the screen recording feature. The recording session can be started by simply opening PowerPoint and selecting the “Insert” option.

You can choose specific portions of the screen which you wish to capture by finding the “Screen Recording” button and clicking it to access the “Select Area” option. To capture the entire screen, simultaneously press the SHIFT, Windows, and F keys. Once you’ve made your decision, all you need to do is click on the start button to begin the session of recording your screen.

Option 2: Record the Windows desktop screen by utilizing free software

Windows 10’s built-in software could be a fantastic way to take a short screen recording, but using a free screen recording program like iTop Screen Recorder is a far better alternative if you want to create instructional videos, let’s play movies, or expert software walkthroughs. You can also record zoom meetings, you just have to know how to record Zoom meeting. If you choose to utilize this software for recording your screen, which lets you precisely specify the portion of the screen you wish to capture, you can scarcely go wrong.

You may use it to record videos from the inbuilt or attached webcam as well. If you choose to put this PC screen recorder software in place, you can record the audio from the computer, plan the recording session, and in addition, iTop Screen Recorder creates watermark-free recordings so you never have to be concerned about them.

Since all you need to do to start a screen recording session is press the record button, the program makes it remarkably simple to capture videos of any length.

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