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Key Qualities to Look For in a Mobile App Developer



If you search for “mobile app development,” you will find out quickly that the market is mildly full. You can choose from hundreds or even thousands of companies and people who make Mobile Apps. But even so, how many of those are qualified to make the app you want? The number could be a lot smaller than you first thought.

Even if someone knows how to make mobile apps, that does not mean they are the best developer to make the app you want. So how do you find the best developers for your app? It can be hard if you do not know what to look for.

Think of this guide as a detailed checklist that you can use to check out potential developers. At the end of the day, if you know what to look for in a developer, it will be much easier to find the right one for your app.

Tips For Choosing a Mobile Application Developer

Availability of Platform

What kind of app are you making for phones? Is it an iOS app? Android app?

When you choose a developer, the answer is important. Some developers are experts in only one platform. Different coding languages are used to make apps for different operating systems.

So, if you want an iOS app to be on the Apple App Store, it would not make sense to go with a developer who only makes Android apps

You should look for a developer who can make apps for both iOS and Android if possible. If not, you’d have to find two different developers to build for each platform, which can cause more problems than you can imagine.

Even if you only want to release your app on one platform, for now, you will likely want it to be available on both platforms in the future.

Choosing a developer or agency that can make hybrid mobile apps will save time and money compared to making two separate native apps.

Accessibility for Developers

A lot of the time, the cost is a big part of why someone decides to hire an app developer. But like most things you buy, cheaper does not always mean better.

So, hiring a freelance developer is common for people to try to save money and cut corners. But I don’t think this is the best way to go.

When someone makes an app for you, you need to talk to them a lot. If you cannot explain your needs, they cannot make something the way you want.

You can hire an agency for less money and have a much better experience overall. An agency can help you make your app faster and better.

Technology Requirements

When looking for a Mobile App Developer, ask them about the technology. This is a big problem that I see a lot of people having.

Some developers only give you a base price for the development costs in their bid, but they don’t tell you how much the back-end infrastructure of your app will cost.

Once your app is out in the world, it will need certain things to work. For example, you will need a database server if you want to save and store information about your app’s users.

Do you want data about your users? An analytics server is what you need. You’ll need an authentication server if you want users to log in to your app. If you want to send push notifications, you will need a push notification server. The list keeps growing.

So, when you talk to developers, explain clearly what you want the app to do. These features will affect technological needs.

Then, make sure that the developer gives you a clear bid that includes how much all of this technology will cost.


When making a mobile app, security must be the first thing you think about.

So, make sure that your developer can give you, your business, and your app the highest level of security.

When you advise a developer, you should stress how important security is.

Ask them what your options are and see what they can give you. If they say something vague like “your app will be fine” or “don’t worry about it,” that’s something to worry about.

The people who make your app should be able to tell you exactly how it will be safe. Depending on what kind of app you are making, the level of security will be different.

Post-Development Support

Let’s jump ahead a bit.

Your app has been built with success. It is already live, you can download it, and people are using it. That is awesome! But what now?

Does the builder leave you to your own devices? You can’t just make an app, put it on a server, and forget about it.

Your app is not perfect and probably will not be for a long time. With updates, you will always be able to make changes and tweaks.

In short, you will need to make changes to your app. So, find a programmer who can help you make this work. How much will it cost to fix things?

Some developers will charge you per update, either by the hour or by the amount of work needed. Others will give you a system for managing content that will let you make these changes yourself.

From what I have seen, it is best to work with an agency with software that makes it easy to make simple changes without coding yourself.

Also, that agency will be there to help you if you need help making more complicated changes or if you are having trouble using their CMS (Content Management Systems).


Not every app is made the same. Simple apps like a flashlight or a calculator can be made by anyone who knows how to code. But these skills won’t help you build the kind of app you want to make.

Find a developer who has made complicated apps and apps that are like what you want.

Ask the developer for examples, case studies, and references of apps they have made in the past. The developer’s portfolio will tell you if they have made apps like the one you need before.


How long will it take to build your app for mobile devices? For some of you, this will be a big part of how you decide what to do.

There’s a reason you’re making an app, to begin with. Either to make more money or to make things run better.

If you run an online store, every day that your customers can’t use your app is a day that you do not make a sale. If you are making an app to help your company’s employees talk to each other better, any delays will cost you more in terms of lost productivity.

So do not delay development. Find a developer who fits all your requirements and can get your app out as soon as possible.


Since mobile apps are growing quickly, every business wants to make its own. A mobile app can help spread the word about a brand, keep customers interested, and make a business stand out. Mobile apps can also give customers something of value, which is good for the business. A mobile app is, of course, only as good as the team that made it.

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