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As with all world-class games, cricket is a simple game once you take part. One player throws an object while another attempt at hitting it. Like every game, there are some rules to follow that you should be aware of. Additionally, there is a specific vocabulary which can be a bit snooty and complicated. If you follow cricket related news regularly, you will understand it better. 

All are a fan of cricket from England and this article will remove some of the confusion from the game. At the end of this piece, you’ll be aware of how the game plays.

 Basic Rules Of Cricket

  • Cricket is played by two teams, each consisting of 11-players. (Sometime during junior competitions, you can find eight-player teams).
  • The games consist of at least an innings during which teams takes turns bowling and batting, as well as fielding/bowling.
  • A fielding group will be able to have a bowler serve and the ball over to the batsman, who attempts to strike the ball using their bat.
  • The fielding team attempts to help the batsman through.
  • The wickets are hit by the ball while bowling.
  • The catch of a batsman’s shot in the whole
  • The batsman’s leg is hit in ahead of the wicket (LBW)
  • or hitting the wickets before the batsman have the chance to sprint across the field
  • The batsman attempt to get the most runs they can before they are out.
    • Running with the ball, hitting it and running between the wickets and bringing it back to the other side before fielders can hit the wickets by using the ball. Each time you run the entire length of the field is equal to 1 run.
    • The ball must be hit to the line of the ground and will take four runs.
    • The ball is thrown over the boundary full runs equals 6 runs.
  • The fielding team needs to have 10 batsmen off before they switch and begin the batting.
  • The objective in the sport is to score as many runs as you can in the time before the fielding side can take 10 wickets. The team that has the most runs is the winner.

Basic Cricket Skills and Exercises

When your child begins to participate in sports, it will make them feel more comfortable when they are at a good knowledge and level of proficiency in the sport. They’ll be able to play more frequently, gain greater confidence, and remain motivated to continue practising and be active. To be a great cricketer, you must:

  1. Hand-eye coordination is excellent.
  2. Ability to catch and throw the ball
  3. A good bowling and batting technique
  4. Ability to focus for lengthy durations of time

Below we’ll go through exercises that help develop the skills of 1-2. Concentration is a talent which can be improved over time. 

A late, great Don Bradman used to do this routine every day when he was a child (and it certainly did the trick for him).

  • Set up a distance of about 4 meters from a concrete wall. Then smash a tennis ball through the wall. After the ball rebounded, you can hit it again.
  • When you are hitting face-on against the wall with your feet separated by a shoulder, the bat is raised to strike the ball. When you hit the ball, keep your elbow straight and with your straightest foot, making sure it bounces twice before striking the wall.
  • Make sure to hit the ball as many times as you can before losing control. you could even play against your peers to see who gets the most hits.
  • When you’re getting better, you can try using golf balls to make it more difficult.

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Training 2 Fielding Hand-eye coordination throwing, catching and throwing

Catches win matches as the old saying goes, so the improvement of hand-eye coordination catch is crucial.

  • Put 2-balls in the dirt three meters in front of the wall.
  • Grab the first ball and throw it against the wall, then clap your hands, and then take the ball in two hands as it bounces away from your wall.
  • Place the ball back on the ground. Run towards a marker 10 metres from the wall, and then go back to the ball you were playing.
  • Grab the second ball, then throw it against the wall, then clap your hands, and then grab the ball with just one hand.
  • Put the ball in the dirt, then run around the 10-metre mark and then return to the initial ball. Repeat.
  • Try to speed up and run as many times as you can without dropping the ball.
  • You could also try catching with your hand that is not dominant on the other ball station.

Exercise 3 Bowling technique

Learning to master a correct cricket bowling method can be difficult for newbies, so it’s crucial to start slowly to learn the correct technique, and then be concerned about how accurate the bowl is afterwards. “Rock and bowl “Rock and Bowl” is an excellent practice for learners.

  • Keep your eyes on the wickets man/batsman with your dominant hand in the middle.
  • Keep the ball in both hands under your chin and rotate your head towards the target or batsman.
  • Move back and forth while transferring the weight between the feet on the front and the rear foot in a smooth and consistent motion.
  • As you roll back, raise your back arm, and when you are rocking forward allow your front arm to extend and then pull it back until your back arm is placed over your head, releasing the ball towards the direction of your batsman.

It will require time and effort to become at ease. You should observe your favourite bowlers observe their methods for other tips. Doing these 3 exercises consistently will help your child develop the fundamental skills needed to be able to take part in cricket games and have fun. There are beginner-level coaching camps throughout Australia which are held during school holidays. to find out more, check out the website for our Cricket camps.

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