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How to Discuss Moving to a Senior Residence with an Elderly Loved One

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Nobody likes the idea of getting old but if you feel your elderly loved one can no longer cope with living at home then you are right to raise your concerns. This might be easier said than done, as you might be nervous about broaching the subject or worried that your loved one will dismiss your fears. Read this guide to help you discuss moving to a senior residence with an elderly loved one to make things easier.

Do Your Research

The more you prepare before you have this conversation, the better. That way you can have a definite response to your elderly loved one’s questions about where the senior residence is located or how much it will cost. It is natural to want your elderly loved one to stay close by so that you can visit them often and this might be their preference too. Research senior residences near me so that you have some options to talk to your loved one about when you raise the subject. 

Pick Your Moment

There is no point in trying to have a conversation with an elderly loved one while you are busy cooking dinner, or they are half asleep. Pick a moment when you are unlikely to be disrupted and you have time to have an extended conversation about your concerns. 

Listen to Them

This should not be a one-way conversation. Your elderly loved one might be upset or shocked that you have suggested they move to a senior residence. This can be an emotional time for them, especially if they realize that you are right, and it is time for them to make the move. Whatever their reaction, they are bound to have lots of questions, and you should be prepared to listen to their objections or point of view as much as you expect them to listen to you.

Don’t Rush Them

You might think that they would benefit from moving as soon as possible but your elderly loved one may need time to adjust to the idea. Give them as much time to decide as they need and don’t try to push them into doing something they are not ready for. They don’t have to make a decision on the spot, and they might want to take their time to consider their options. You may need to have this conversation over several months or suggest visiting some of the facilities to see what they can offer. 

Remember That It Is Their Decision

As long as your elderly loved one is of sound mind the final decision on their living arrangements has to rest with them. You may not feel that they have made the right decision, but you have to let them do what they want to. You can always raise the subject again in a few months if they want to stay put.

Follow this guide and take the stress out of talking to your elderly loved one about moving to a senior residence. 

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