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List of Each and Every December Global Holidays and Festivities 2022 and their Significance

december global holidays

21 Most Popular December Global Holidays & Their Symbolism

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December is without a doubt the most festive month in the year. All manner of festivals and events are held throughout the month, including corporate, religious, and cultural events.


This article examines the nine most famous December holidays worldwide and their symbolism.

  1. Hannukah


Date Marked November 28-December 6

Category: Religious

Why it’s marked: To commemorate the re-dedication and renaming of the Second Temple in Jerusalem

Where it’s Marked. Israel, and other Jewish communities around the globe


Hannukah, also known as Chanukah (or the Festival of Lights), is an 8-day Jewish festival. It traditionally begins on 25th of the Hebrew month of Kislev. The exact date that Hannukah starts each year can vary depending on the Gregorian calendar. The festival falls between November 28th and December 6th this year.


Hannukah marks the return of the Second Temple of Jerusalem to its original location after the Maccabean Revolt. The eight-day celebrations include the lighting of candles each night. Hannukah also includes special songs like Ma’oz Tzur and the recitation of the Hallel prayers. Another popular Hannukah tradition is to eat oil-dried foods like potato pancakes (also known by latkes) or jam-filled donuts, also known as sufganiyot. Celebrities also exchange gifts and play with dreidels.

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  1. World AIDS Day

December 1

Category: Healthcare

Why it’s marked: To raise awareness about the scourge that is HIV/AIDS

Where it’s Marked: Worldwide

James W. Bunn, Thomas Netter and others first came up with the idea for World AIDS Day in August 1987. Bunn and Netter were at the time working as public information officers in the World Health Organization’s Global Programme on AIDS. The official date of the first World AIDS Day, December 1, was established the following year.


World AIDS Day is dedicated both to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and to remembering those who have been affected or infected by it. You can commemorate the day in many ways, including by visiting orphaned children, sponsoring safe-sex campaigns and lobbying governments for increased efforts to stop HIV/AIDS spreading.

  1. Santa Lucia

Date Marked December 13

Category: Religious

Why It’s Not Marked: To honor Lucia of Syracuse.

Where it’s Marked: Scandinavian and in Italy

Santa Lucia, an Italian Saint, was martyred. She is regarded as a light in the darkest hours of the year. Santa Lucia, a symbol of hope and light, is celebrated in Sweden every December 13th. Atmospheric concerts and procesions are held to mark this important day. They feature singers dressed in white with headdresses that contain actual flickering candles.

  1. Yule

Date Marked December 21-January 1

Pagan: Category

Why it’s Marked To honor the Norse god Odin

Where it’s Marked: Germany, and other German communities around the globe


Yule (also known as Yuletide) is a Germanic festival that is celebrated by Germanic people all over the globe. This festival is pagan in origin and can be traced back both to the Norse god Odin and the Anglo-Saxon festival Modraniht. Yuletide technically falls under the Winter Solstice. This makes it one of the most beloved winter celebrations worldwide.


The ancients celebrated Yule by lighting huge logs in a bonfire, and then spending the night outside. Log burning is still a common practice, but most people mark the occasion by making a Yule altar, making an Evergreen Yule wreath, and giving back to Mother Nature. Exchanging nature-based gifts and candlelit dinners are common.

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  1. Festivus

Date Marked December 23

category: parody

Why It’s Not Marked: To oppose Christmas consumerism

Where it’s Marked: Worldwide – Especially in the United States


Festivus, a global December holiday, was popularized by a Seinfeld episode titled “The Strike” in 1997. It is an attempt to protest Christmas consumerism. Festivus is not about buying expensive Christmas trees. It’s about standing around an aluminum pole. Other Festivus traditions include “feats” and “airing grievances.”


Festivus fans have been called anti-conventional and with unorthodox views on Christmas by pundits. The holiday is still very popular, particularly among minimalism and frugal shoppers.

  1. Christmas


Date Marked December 25

Category: Religious

Why it’s marked: To mark the birth of Jesus Christ

Where it’s Marked: Worldwide

Christmas is the most well-known December holiday. Christmas is the day that marks the birth Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Christians believe him to be the last prophet sent by God to save mankind from sin. Christmas is celebrated by all religions, even non-Christians.


It is worth noting, however, that Jesus’ actual birth date is not known. Because Christmas coincides with the Roman winter solstice, it was chosen. In many countries, Christmas is celebrated as a cultural event and not as a religious holiday. You can mark the occasion in many ways, such as by leaving gifts for Santa Claus and Father Christmas. Many people attend Christmas Day Church services, while others choose to take a vacation.

  1. Boxing Day

Date Marked December 26

Category: All

Why It’s Not Marked: The meaning of symbolism varies Worldwide

Where it’s Marked: Worldwide

There has been much debate about Boxing Day’s origin and the best way to celebrate it. Many believe this day was when the churches gave alms boxes to the poor following Christmas. Boxing Day is also a day when you can gift postmen, errand boys and other types of servants in appreciation for their work throughout the year.


Boxing Day is still a very popular December holiday, despite its symbolism. Since then, Boxing Day has been made a public holiday across many countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. These countries mark Boxing Day by hosting sporting events.


  1. Kwanzaa

Date Marked December 26-January 1

Category: Culture

Why It’s Important: To protect certain African values

Where it’s Marked: Worldwide, especially in the United States

Kwanzaa, a December holiday that is deeply rooted in African history and mainly celebrated in the United States, is called Kwanzaa. Dr. Maulana Karanga created the day and it was first observed in 1966, following the Watts riots that occurred in Los Angeles, California. The term ‘Kwanzaa” is loosely translated from the Swahili word “kwanza”, which means “first fruits.”


Kwanzaa is celebrated often with traditional African songs, dances, and songs. Stories, poetry reading and discussion of various African cultural principles are all part of the Kwanzaa celebrations. These events often culminate in a big traditional dinner at the end each day, and a huge feast called ‘Karamu on December 31.

9. New Year’s Eve

Date Marked December 31

Category: All

Why it’s Marked To mark end of year

Where it’s Marked: Worldwide


This month’s last December holiday falls on the last day of the month. New Years Eve serves two purposes: to mark the end and usher in the new year.


This day can be observed in many ways. Many religious people go to their churches to express gratitude for another year’s blessings. Others celebrate New Year’s Eve at bars, restaurants, or other social events. Celebrations peak around midnight when fireworks, joyous songs and cheers fill the air.

Find More International December Holidays

These are just a few of the many unique holidays that are celebrated in December.

  • December 1 United Arab Emirates (National Day).
  • December 4– Ghana (Farmer’s Day).
  • December 6 Finland (Independence Day), Spain(Constitution Day).
  • December 7 Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday)
  • December 10 Thailand (Constitution Day).
  • December 12 Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe).
  • December 13 – Malta (Republic day)
  • December 16 Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa’s Day of Reconciliation
  • December 18 Qatar (National Day).
  • December 26– Various Countries, Boxing Day, Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day).
  • December 29 Sri Lanka (Unduvap Full Moon Poya
  • December 30 – Philippines (Rizal Day)

December Global Holidays are celebrated around the globe. December month is also known as a festival month. Many world-famous festival events are celebrated here. December Global holidays are a set of whimsical holidaying holidays that celebrates once per year. While everyone celebrates in different ways, there are many common themes.

It’s great fun for children, especially at the beginning. You love the Christmas lights and the candy cane that looks like Santa Claus, which gives you a toy. You also like the Christmas parties and virtual gifts you get on Christmas morning. It’s a dream come true. As you age, you will love the holiday food. You will love the cookies, the festivities and the eggnog that is almost always too much for you to drink. You will be the one complaining. Winter breaks are snowy skies that seem to resolve all the fun activities at the party. I am an adult and have a spot in my heart for the all-too-rare Santa Claus visit to the North Pole for an important miracle: an immunity cure for the aged.

2020-2021 is the third consecutive year of America having more dangerous holidays than ever. However, it is important to remember that there are ways we can keep everyone safe.


Once again, popular phenomena will be prominently featured. You will still encounter holiday air as you travel around the globe. Be on the lookout for giant man-eating serpents such as those in “Jurassic World.” I also saw phantasmagoric sightings and heard of bears as well as wolves. For all the things I have seen, I wouldn’t dare go on the digital globe. It would offend me personally.

Holiday Traditions

Most regional customs are influenced by the times and change with them. Every place is different. To observe these special holidays, I went to the Amazon rainforest. The holiday is revered by people because it honours family and life as well as nature, and all they have. Although it may seem strange in Middle East countries and other Muslim hotspots, many traditions in civilized Mediterranean countries such as Greece are very different. There are many countries that have different celebrations. Portugal and Portugal both have December dates to celebrate Christmas and Saint Lucia, while Italy has a spectacular and impressive light show that would make a Star Wars movie. Nothing can match what the Celts of Greece did to celebrate the birth of the rich.

Christmas is celebrated by many European cultures on December 21st. Children’s birthdays are only celebrated in some places, but the majority of celebrations last throughout the holiday season. The importance of Maccas food is what makes Christmas in Australia so special. Children can count only on macadamia nuts today. A time of abundance is also celebrated in many Christian cultures. This refers to the gifts, food and gifts that are given with the right amount of money, such as gifts from the mother or father. This was more fun for me.

2020-2021 could be a new kind of holiday. The COVID-19 pandemic will make nature the main holiday destination for most people. Although it has been difficult to live abroad and follow your travel plan this year, it is possible that it will be easier for those who are able to get through the holiday season. Although we may no longer be little kids, people in the middle of the Earth still put their lives in our hands. While I don’t think we will be the official saviour of many, it is an opportunity to have fun and not fight, tackle, and sweat.

We all have one chance to say one blessing this Christmas season.

The bottom line

There are many global holidays for December that will help you end the year with style.


December isn’t just a month for indulgent spending. You can also give the best gifts to those who have made this year worthwhile by giving them thoughtful gifts.


It’s prudent to save enough money to be adequately prepared for the season.

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