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Netsmart Vs Solismed: The Best EMR Choice for your Practice in 2022


Netsmart Vs Solismed: The Best EMR Choice for your Practice in 2022

Netsmart EHR is an ARRA-Certified EHR and practice management solution that is fully integrated and intended to meet the unique demands of local medical offices. The software incorporates a Windows-based architecture into an intuitive solution that is user-friendly, simple to learn, and easy to teach. The software solution is ideal for medical practices of all sizes and supports a wide range of health programmes, including case management, vaccines, infectious illnesses, family and child health services, and many more. Solismed is a high-performance practise management system for clinics, wellness centres, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and small hospitals. The same system includes appointment scheduling, patient care management, e-prescribing, electronic health records, inventory control, billing, and a patient portal. Solismed is excellent for multitasking (for example, opening numerous patient visits) and teamwork (such as accessing the same patient records on an exam room computer). Have complete control over your patient data and do not share it with anybody, unlike when you subscribe to a service that sells or manipulates your patient data for financial gain.

Netsmart EHR

Public health organizations are served by Netsmart Insight’s cloud-based practice management and electronic health record (EHR) system, whose key features include financial reporting, operational management, and case management, among others. In addition, they assist with administrative activities such as schedule management, dashboard access to patient information, order administration, providing a safe and confidential system, and complying to the Public Health Informatics Institute’s guidelines. In addition, their financial reporting solution facilitates customer access to claim management, payer information, accounting, and billing services.

Netsmart EHR Key Features

Family Health

Child and family service organizations are supposed to have an integrated care system that promotes resilience via person-centered care. The children and family are at the center of the groundbreaking EHR and services offered by Netsmart. Any technology we develop is intended to enhance the standard of living for children and their families. The platform provides care team members across the healthcare continuum with readily accessible, accurate, and up-to-date data.

Data Management

With this EHR, medical practitioners may maximize their practice’s potential. They can utilize data insights by tracking, exploring, and analyzing clinical data with the aid of key performance indicators. And because Simple LTC is a component of Netsmart, it is possible to view the data of each patient separately. This holistic perspective aids in achieving long-term objectives by enhancing care offerings.

Population Health

Population health management is the final component of the Netsmart CareFabric platform. This portion of the Netsmart EHR is geared toward enhancing care outcomes by providing value-based care services. Using a potent health management solution, physicians can compile and assess clinical, operational, and financial data. It helps determine the level of risk and enables timely prevention.

Netsmart EHR Pricing

Netsmart EHR does not disclose its pricing plans but it increases with the number of users. The subscription models are quite simple and do not require any special assistance and one can easily get a custom quote.

Netsmart EHR Demo

Demos help one in understanding how a software works and whether it is worth investing in or not. A free demo can be scheduled for Netsmart as well, it is available on their website.

Netsmart EHR Reviews

Using the software for the first time is a simple process. The training is easy to understand and straightforward. Installing this tool is not too difficult at all. The software package does not have all of the functionality that one could want to find in it. The enhancements and improvements are not particularly useful for the majority of the personnel to make advantage of.

Solismed EHR

Solismed is an all-inclusive, adaptable, and configurable practice management system. It includes capabilities such as patient care management, electronic health records, inventory control, billing, and team collaboration. It can also be self-hosted and offers the highest degree of dependability and data security. It is an effective solution for small to medium-sized practices and community organizations. This open-source clinic management system is free for up to five users, but a premium license is required. Solismed EHR can be deployed for free in clinics with fewer than five users, but it is not a cost-effective alternative for bigger clinics. After that, it will cost approximately $500 per person to continue using it for your whole practice. Additionally, upgrades are available at a discount.

Solismed EHR Key Features


Enhancing clinical scalability is made easier by Solismed’s interoperability solution, which also contributes to the company’s efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to the data being shared across the entire community, there is also an exchange function on the network level. It streamlines the process of communicating with other users within the system, making it more simple to do so.


The day-to-day activities are made easier by the intuitive dashboard that comes with the Solismed EMR. To ensure that patients are up to speed on all of their necessary responsibilities, it generates to-do lists. In addition, there is a function on the home page that notifies users of new calls and messages as soon as they become available.

Patient Engagement

This solution excels in many areas, and increasing patient engagement is one of them. First, it encourages patient participation by providing them with complete access to their medical records and billing bills. In addition, the programme facilitates patient communication. Patients are more invested in the care facilities when they believe they have influence over their treatment and are able to offer suggestions.

Solismed EHR Pricing

Solismed provides a free trial. Following the free trial, three pricing tiers are available. The Basic package begins at $49 per month, while the Professional and Enterprise plans begin at $99 and $199 per month, respectively. In addition, there is a one-time setup cost of $199.

Solismed EHR Demo

A free demo can be scheduled whenever a user wants to see how the software functions. Demos allow one to get an idea of the features.

Solismed EHR Reviews

The software has mixed reviews online as some users call it user-friendly whereas others call it not so easy to use.

Our Thoughts

The details provided in this article will allow potential users to choose the best EMR for their practice.

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