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What are the roles & responsibilities of a certified scrum master?  

Certified Scrum Master

A scrum master is a person in charge of making sure the Scrum team sticks to the rules they’ve established. It’s also the Scrum master’s job to remove obstacles and distractions that might jeopardise the team’s ability to accomplish its goals, and to serve as a liaison between both the Scrum team and other groups or individuals.

Scrum Master’s Role

A Certified Scrum Master is expected to perform the following duties:

A Scrum Master works with all team members and is responsible for providing several services to the Product Owner and the team.

  •         Service provided by the Scrum Master to the Product Owner

 What is one of the services provided by the Scrum Master to the Product Owner?

 The Scrum Master assists and advises the Product Owner in several ways, including:

 Developing approaches for Product Backlog Management effectiveness.

Assisting the team in comprehending the necessity for succinct product backlog items. Transferring knowledge of product planning in an empirical setting,

 Ensure that the Product Owner understands how to organize the product backlog to optimize value. Understanding and practicing agility, as well as supporting Scrum events as requested or required. 

  •         The services of the Scrum Master to the development team

 What is a service provided by the Scrum Master to the Development Team?

 The Scrum Master plays a crucial function in the development team. Eliminating project obstacles that impede team productivity and effectiveness. Aiding the development team in the creation of high-quality goods.

 Reviewing the development team’s performance frequently to ensure its efficiency. Creating process transparency and resolving problems

Assisting the team in comprehending and adhering to the objectives, task scope, and product domain. Facilitating Scrum events at the request or as required. Coaching the Development Team in circumstances where Scrum has not yet been completely implemented or understood.

Principal Scrum master duties:

The Scrum master is not in charge of the project or even the development team, despite the word “master” in his or her position. As an alternative, a Scrum master works hand in hand with a product owner and the rest of the Scrum team to improve and adjust existing processes as needed.

A Scrum master’s duties may include but are not limited to, the following.

  1. Teach group members

 The Scrum master is in charge of making sure that everyone on the team has had enough training and is familiar with Agile principles. As a result, the Scrum master assures that each team member understands his or her role, has a sense of project ownership, adheres to protocol, and is self-managed.

  1. Assist the product owner in managing the product backlog.

 The product backlog is the responsibility of the product owner. This is a task list that the team must perform. The Scrum master aids the product owner in improving and managing the product backlog by drawing on knowledge gleaned from daily stand-up meetings.

The product backlog is a dynamic document that evolves depending on the current state and the requirements for development. By arranging meetings and developing user stories, the Scrum master may help with the product backlog.

  1. Remove obstacles

 To assist the team remains focused on the tasks that must be completed during each iteration, the Scrum master searches for potential distractions and barriers. For instance, if team members are being pushed into an excessive number of inconsequential meetings, the Scrum master might collaborate with meeting organizers to establish which team members are required to attend.

  1. Teach Scrum methods and fundamentals

 To ensure that work is not slowed down, a significant Scrum master’s responsibility is to coach and instruct new workers and team members.


By enrolling in the best CSM training, you’ll be well on your way of becoming a Scrum Master. Ultimately, you will be able to enjoy a good hold over the basics of the field, improving your skill set and boosting your career. 

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