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I have 3 years to prepare through UPSC Coaching. How do I prepare for it?

upsc coaching

“It’s what you do right now that makes a difference.”

First thing you need to know is what is UPSC. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission and it is the body that conducts many exams including the civil services examinations (CSE). Now you know that what is UPSC, so we can move forward know that is 3 years sufficient for preparation? If yes then what should you do to prepare for.

As you are talking about that you have three years so you must be doing your undergraduates too. Trust me it is more than the right time. If you utilize it well you may, be able to crack this toughest examination in first go.

Doing self-study is good, but you are in that tender age where you need to have a guide, who could show you the write path. In this condition joining a right good institution will be the right bet.

In the market of UPSC Coaching institutes, knowing which one is the best institute is toughest job. But in my perception the institute which is doing the great job is EDEN IAS.  This institutes foundation classes are incomparable. Let me explain why?

This institute provides 3 kind of foundation courses.

3 Years Foundation Course: Lakshya

2 Years Foundation Course: Lakshya

1 Year Foundation Course: Utkarsh

As the question is mainly related to 3 years preparation, so let’s understand how this coaching’s foundation course going to help you in your preparation.


First Year: The Base Building Year

  • This is very crucial year of an aspirant’s preparation, so in this year the institute tries to make the aspirants base strong by teaching the concepts related to General Studies, CSAT, Essay, Current Affairs etc.
  • After the completion of your first year, the institute conducts a test called EDEN MAJOR TEST.
  • At this time, you must have been done with your conceptual clarity, while others are struggling with NCERTs.
  • EDEN Major Test, let the institute decide that you will need some time or you are ready to step in into the next stage.

Second Year: The Advance Year

  • This year will be more towards mains focussed preparation. In this year priority will be enrichment courses. Enrichment courses mainly covers ethics classes, society classes, IR classes, post-Independence classes, current affairs editorial classes for mains etc.
  • One more thing you will be taught here is “Advance Answer Writing”.
  • At the end of this year EDEN MAJOR TEST will be again conducted.


Third Year: Target Year

Now the time comes when it is needed to resolve all the problematic areas and to work even harder on the strong areas of syllabus.

So, this will be all about Revision, Enrichment of marks scoring subjects and lots of practice of Prelims and Mains through target-based tests and rigorous answer writing practice.

Till this time, you have been done with at least 3 rounds of revision of whole syllabus.  So, enrich more yourself with the competitive spirit by tests designed for the same. Perform well and analyse yourself and improvise accordingly.

“Canvas is all yours, paint it the way you want too.”

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