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How should you overcome failure in exams and do better next time?

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“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure, rather fear not trying.” –Paulo Coelho

When you fail an examination, it can feel that the world around you is coming to a standstill. However, it is not necessary that failing an exam is always bad. Contrariwise, it can prove to be helpful in particular situations based on your level and the kind of exam. Failing a mock test works to provide you with the required motivation for revisions. In addition, it tells you your problem points so that you can focus on them. 

What Are The Causes Of Exam Failure?

A plethora of environmental factors can affect your concentration and hinder your success in the examination. Let us look at some common issues related to failure in exams.

  • Lack of effort or understanding
  • Ineffective studying pattern 
  • Fear of failure

How Can You Overcome Failure in Exams?

It is natural for you to experience a combination of emotions from frustration to anger, shock, embarrassment, depression, and other negative feelings when you fail an examination. Now, let us know how one can bounce back and plan for future exams. 

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  1. Let the news sink in your mind- The first step is to allow your mind to process the news of your failure in the exam. It will take a lot of time to grasp that you have failed. There is no common pattern of emotions and it generally depends on the individual and the situation. While some students want to be in the company of family and friends during this time, others consider it better to spend time alone. Irrespective of the situation, you must allow enough time to accept the situation. 
  2. Tame your reaction to the news- When you hear the news, a billion thoughts will come rushing to your mind. What you need to do is clear your mind and think rationally once you have attained calm and composure. Blocking unwanted thoughts can help you to calm yourself. To distract yourself, you can hit the gym, take a walk, talk to friends or family members, and meditate. If you happen to master the adversaries, you can also launch course when you grow up and help aspirants.
  3. Think about the reasons behind your failure- While you are allowing yourself time to digest the news of your failure, you need to reason out. There may be multiple reasons at times. You need to consider the possible causes such as if you had not worked hard if you were severely disturbed or distracted before the exams, if you misinterpreted the question(s) or if you did not have sufficient time to finish all the answers if you were not interested in the specific subject. It could be one of these reasons or an entirely different one. In case you had not studied hard, you will have to think that you deserved the marks you received. There is no alternative to success than hard work. If you did not find the subject interesting, it would be a wise option to study it well so that you do not fail once again. Nowadays, several websites are online course selling  that will equip you to attain the desired results. 
  4. Change your approach- Following a specific strategy to date did not work to produce the best outcome. Therefore, it is not a viable approach and you need to adopt a better strategy. If you feel you could have devoted more hours to study, go for it. Perhaps you have focussed on the wrong concepts or a specific topic keeping aside the significant ones. It may also be that your answering technique was not appropriate. Contacting a friend or a teacher and seeking their advice will be the best possible solution. 

What you must keep in mind is that failing an examination is not similar to failing in life. You only need to improve your earlier performance and move on. Failure is not something that you should fear. It is the fear of lack of progress that is scary. 

“Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re going to fail at everything.”

-Marilyn Monroe

So, do not lose hope and never give up while exploring new ways to win the battle.


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