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6 Appealing Benefits of Using E-Book and Audiobook Apps

6 Appealing Benefits of Using E-Book and Audiobook Apps

6 Appealing Benefits of Using E-Book and Audiobook Apps

Hobbies and pastime activities come in different kinds. Some enjoy watching compelling series and movies, while others prefer playing competitive games. Reading books is also a fun hobby, and for a good reason. Depending on your reading, you can immerse yourself in a different world or expand your knowledge. And although books provide a timeless method of reading a story, you can also do so with e-books and audiobooks.


You can access e-books and audiobooks online and use apps such as Goodreads and Audible to get them. However, you may be skeptical, as many apps tend not to be as enjoyable. But before you judge and dismiss e-book and audiobook apps, such as Storygraph, you may want to hold your horses first since these apps have several advantages. And with that said, here are some appealing benefits when you use apps involving e-books and audiobooks.

1.  You can read or listen anytime, anywhere.

Whether they admit it or not, people always bring a gadget daily. From your handy phones to tablets and laptops, you can expect that they always have a device in their bag or pocket. And if you bring a gadget with you every day, why not install an e-book or audiobook app?


As long as you have means to access the web, such as an internet connection or mobile data, you can browse for books to read or listen to. Alternatively, you can download e-books or audiobooks so you can check them even offline. So whether you are traveling or working out in a gym, you can read or listen to your preferred book.

2.  You do not have to carry heavy stacks of books.

Carrying stacks of books can be a hassle, and if you are a student, you are probably familiar with this scenario. If you do not have a locker or a secure space to store your books, you will be carrying them almost daily, and who enjoys bringing a heavy stack of books? However, this is not a problem if you use e-books and audiobooks.


Instead of carrying a heavy stack of books, all you need with e-books and audiobooks is a gadget, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. You can download several books and have them stored on your preferred device. Furthermore, e-books and audiobooks do not take up a lot of space in your gadget’s memory, so feel free to download as many as possible.

3.  They do not use much space.

If you are a bookworm, you may find it satisfying to have a lot of books at home. But despite being enjoyable, space can be an issue if you habitually collect books. The copies you have finished (or stopped reading) may accumulate dust as you collect and start reading newer books. This problem does not happen with e-books and audiobooks.


These apps provide you with many books that will not consume your space at home. Not to mention, if you finished or stopped reading a book, you can delete it. And if you feel like continuing a book, you can download it again as long as you find it. Unlike your usual hardbound copy, e-books and audiobooks do not gather dust.

4.  You have books of different genres to choose from.

Picking a book to read, although enjoyable, can be a chore for some people. One moment in a bookstore, you may feel like reading something light, and then suddenly, you change your mind. Repeatedly going to a bookstore can be a hassle, but it is not a problem if you have an e-book or audiobook app.


These apps can let you pick several books, whether you will read them now or later. You can choose several materials to expand your knowledge, from light-hearted novels and stories to informative books. These apps will also save you time and effort, as you do not often have to go to a bookstore when you feel like reading something new.

5.  Some apps let you make new friends who share the same book preferences.

Knowing people who share the same interest is a great feeling. From joining a fandom group on social media to attending various conventions, it is always lovely to meet people who love the things or hobbies we do. And if you are curious if other people share the same preferences as you do in reading, you can check it via e-books and audiobook apps.


Some of them let you make new friends who read the same book. These features come in several forms, such as reviews and showing people with the same interest. Whichever e-book and audiobook app you prefer, as long as they have this additional feature, you can meet new friends and fellow bookworms.

6.  They can give fascinating reading habit perks.

Depending on the material you browse, reading can take up a lot of time. Like watching a fascinating series, playing an enjoyable game, or doing a movie marathon, you may be unaware that you have taken hours of reading. If you wonder how many hours you usually read, you are in luck! Different apps let you keep track of your reading habits.


These feature tracks can come in different forms depending on your app. Some may show a chart involving how many hours you usually read something. Others may display what your favorite genres and reading materials are or who your usual go-to authors are. You should download these apps if you are curious about your reading habits.

In a Nutshell,

Books have always been an excellent choice if you want to read a story or learn something new. There is a satisfying feeling of feeling their cover and pages, and even if people tell it as a joke, their scent is something people find alluring. But as technology progresses, we should also consider using e-books and audiobooks more often.


Use these apps not as complete replacements for hardbound reading materials but as alternatives to learning something new. These six are only some of the many benefits of e-books and audiobook apps. For more techy ideas, visit

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