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Free Printable Mulan and Hard coloring pages for kids and Adults

Free Printable Mulan and Hard coloring pages for kids and Adults

Nowadays, coloring activities are very popular for children and adults. We color to learn and have fun. Children participate in coloring to increase creativity and develop thinking; adults participate in coloring to entertain and improve their aesthetic ability.

So now, there are lots of coloring topics suitable for kids and adults alike. We recommend Mulan and Hard coloring pages for everyone to consult and learn about the culture, meaning, and lessons that this coloring page brings.

Mulan coloring pages: A story with typical Chinese culture

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Hard coloring pages

Printable Mulan coloring sheets


Mulan is a bright, brave, and filial girl

In 1998, Disney released the film Mulan. That is a famous Disney work about the Renaissance period (following and ending the series with The Little Mermaid in 1989 and Tarzan in 1999). Mulan is a fun movie with highly catchy songs, combined with traditional animation, meeting Disney’s strict standards of quality ever.

The film is set in ancient China, with a novel style that appeals to lovers of Chinese history. However, Disney wanted to create an engaging story rather than a real historical drama, which did not affect the story’s historical or cultural origin.

Is Disney’s version of Mulan different from historical reality?

The version of Mulan in the Disney movie is entirely different; she learned martial arts from a young age and profoundly understood weapons. The interesting point is that Disney does not focus on exploiting the warrior character but instead explores the feminine side of Mulan in a different direction.

However, the story’s core remains true to the myth: Hua Mulan disguises himself to join the army instead of his father. The duration of the war also varies from story to story, with the source stating 12 years, but in the Disney version, the time of the war is shorter.

Either way, during the 12 years of the war, Mulan disguised herself as a man. During this time, she was continuously promoted to 12 troop levels. After that, for her excellent mission completion, she was rewarded with a lot of gold and silver by the emperor and knighted.

Mulan turned down all those bonuses, and just like in the Disney movies, she just wanted a good horse to return home to her family. Coming after her gender was revealed, the team members were extremely surprised.

There is practically no romance between Hua Mulan and any young major general or the existence of a flying dragon that can talk, but this is the key to the attraction in the Disney version.

That is the guarantee of “Disneyfication” in Disney’s works, but compared to other Disney movies, the film has kept many details similar to the source.

Mulan coloring pages will surprise children with images of gentle and resilient Chinese women

Explore Mulan color pages to see the beauty of Chinese women. The image of a brave and intelligent woman will be depicted in the Mulan coloring pages.

Both children and adults can participate in the coloring pages Mulan, accessible and quality pictures. People can visit the website, choose the picture they like, then download and print it, so everyone has unique and exciting coloring pages to color.

Children will discover the beauty and meaningful lessons of Mulan color pages through coloring activities. That is a brave and intelligent woman. Mulan’s image represents the voice of women, as well as affirming feminism. Moreover, we will understand the specific cultural features of China.

Through the Mulan coloring page, children have creative fun and comprehensively develop basic skills in painting, mental and physical. Children are allowed to use colors to color the picture according to their interests and personality. Actions such as holding and moving crayons will help children flexibly grasp objects and practice writing later.

Mulan coloring pages are also fun topics for adults to explore. Parents can guide and color with their children to help them in the learning and playing process.

Hard coloring pages: It’s a new coloring trend for kids and adults

Hard coloring pages

Printable Hard coloring sheets

How popular are hard coloring pages?

Currently, on the market, there are many coloring pages with a variety of different topics for all ages. For children, coloring pages will focus on cute and exciting topics so that children can learn, recognize things, and distinguish colors.

As for adults, the difficulty of coloring pages will require more complexity; adult coloring pages always focus on aesthetics, ingenuity, and patience. So we recommend hard coloring pages to everyone so that adults and children can try their hand at this exciting topic.

Hard coloring pages for all ages are gradually becoming a popular hobby in today’s life. Everyone needs to color and participate in recreational activities; children and adults need to relax after stressful working hours. Coloring Pages Hard include pictures with different topics, designed from difficult to easy, which will surely bring you great relaxing moments.

Many children have excellent coloring skills; they master skills such as: choosing pictures, choosing colors, matching colors, and standard coloring to create vivid images. They are skillful, careful, and meticulous. Those children usually have a pretty good sense of aesthetics. Therefore, when children have mastered ordinary coloring pages, parents can let them try the Hard coloring page to improve their skills even more. Trying out a more complex level of coloring also offers a lot of valuable experience.

Adults often dislike ordinary coloring pages such as cartoons, toys, nature, etc. Adults often have a high demand for coloring topics. Therefore, they often choose hard coloring pages to enhance their meticulousness, ingenuity, and aesthetics through complex paintings. Adults always require more skills and aesthetics than cute pictures of children.

Hard coloring pages help improve agility and aesthetics for people who paint complex pictures

Many people think that because of the increased demand to show skill and aesthetic eye, most people choose hard coloring pages. Next, coloring helps relieve stress and is a method to practice patience.

Hard coloring pages focus on aesthetic detail. The details in the picture are tiny and meticulously drawn. They are detailing aims to increase the player’s view’s creativity and color coordination ability. Hard coloring pages still include pictures of animals, nature, flowers, forests, etc., but these pictures will be more complex with countless small details to create difficulty for players.

Many people love the hard coloring page because colorists can freely choose bright and creative colors according to their feelings and preferences. Creativity is unlimited; create your own comfortable space to feel pleasing aesthetics. In addition, this entertainment method makes life healthier and more enjoyable than ever time out. We have a lot of hard coloring pages for you to select. Choose unique and creative paintings to make them come alive, realistic, and artistic!


Mulan and Hard coloring pages are coloring pages suitable for both adults and children. That is an opportunity for parents and children to participate in coloring together. The remarkable benefits that coloring pages will bring to your family are fun, ingenuity, creativity, and cohesion. Let’s prepare a lot of crayons with lovely children and discover exciting things together. Unique coloring pages are waiting for you to find!

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