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Top tips to stay away from pedestrian accidents that could cost you your life


Top tips to stay away from pedestrian accidents that could cost you your life

Imagine a truck hitting a pedestrian! What could happen to the pedestrian? He will sustain some critical, even fatal injuries. Regardless of whether you’re a driver at other times, there are times when you would need to be on foot, either crossing a road or while walking on the road. As there are too many who walk carelessly with no sense of road safety, there are too many pedestrians that lose their lives or get permanently disabled. 

As there are Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Lawyers who can handle your case in the best way in their capacity, you may not have to worry about such accidents. But if you wish to avoid such fatal crashes, it is important to follow some valuable tips. Prevention is always better than cure. 

Is prevention your best bet? Know why

Do we need to mention how badly someone can get injured if he is hit by a truck? Pedestrians who face accidents with trucks have high rates of fatality. Trucks are mammoth and when they collide with a human that is unprotected, this can lead to chaos. 

The National Safety Council shares some tips for pedestrians to stay safe and stay away from becoming victims of critical accidents. 

  • Use a sidewalk whenever you find one. This will reduce the chances of getting hit. The sidewalk is specially designed for pedestrians and hence when you use it, no truck or vehicle can run up the sidewalk and collide with you. 
  • In case you’re walking on a road without a sidewalk, remain close to the side of the road. Walk on your left side and though you can get scared in the face of oncoming vehicles, you get a better chance of jumping off the road in case you understand there’s a distracted driver approaching.
  • In case of a crosswalk, make sure you utilize it. And when there’s no crosswalk, take an intersection. You might find it tougher to cross the intersections as cars usually come from different directions but drivers should also focus on noticing pedestrians. 
  • While crossing a street, you should anticipate drivers to arrive all of a sudden without giving you any warning sign. This is why it is recommended to check both ways before stepping onto the road. Make eye contact with the drivers and if they don’t make eye contact with you, you can assume that they didn’t see you. 
  • While walking nearby alleys, parking lots, and driveways, be especially careful. There are many who exit, enter, or back up in such situations without ever considering the state of pedestrians. 
  • Don’t use your mobile phone while walking on the road and remove any earphones or earbuds, if you have any. You need to be in your full senses to safeguard yourself from danger. 

Even after following all the wise tips mentioned above, if you still meet with an accident, don’t hesitate to call an attorney and seek his expert assistance. 

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