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Hair loss has been a common issue amongst men and women across the world since ancient times – and there have been endless myths about how and why hair loss happens. While most of these myths are harmless, there are some that cause a lot of stress, anxiety, and aggravation among people to the already existing problem of hair loss.

We have prepared a list of the most bizarre myths about hair loss that you can put to bed:

  • Wearing caps can lead to hair loss: Although it is true that any friction or tension applied to the roots of our hair can lead to hair breakage, hats are rarely the cause of any discomfort. For your hat to cause any sort of hair loss, it will have to be so tight that it stops blood flow in your scalp, and if that happens, it implies your hat is very uncomfortable to be worn in the first place. And hence, if there is a hat you are comfortable wearing, your hair is going to be absolutely fine!


  • Laser therapy do not work: There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet suggesting it is the worst idea to use lasers for hair growth. You will find multiple blogs stating lasers can burn the scalp, cause painful sensations, don’t give good results, or are very expensive. All this is false information to mislead people. Laser hair therapy is one of the best ways to stimulate and promote hair growth. Furthermore, most of these lasers are FDA-approved and deliver low-level light pain-free to the scalp.


  • Direct sunshine is bad for hair: Being right under the sun for hours on a bright sunny day can feel like your head is on fire and you will go bald in seconds, but that’s not how our hair growth cycle works. Sun can cause no damage to your hair, but direct heat is not very good either, which is why it is recommended to use SPF to protect your hair from direct sunlight.


  • Shaving the head will help: Many Indians believe that shaving their head completely will stimulate hair growth and make it thicker. While it is a very convenient thing to think of, it is not true. Shaving your hair only means getting rid of the damaged hair. The new hair will be healthy if you treat them nicely; however, if you don’t follow a proper hair care routine, your new hair is likely to get damaged as well.


  • Washing hair too much is bad: Many bloggers on the Internet constantly tell you that washing your hair frequently can lead to hair loss. This is not at all true. Washing your hair regularly with a hair loss shampoo can help you repair the DHT damage. There is no correct answer for how often you should wash your hair – it entirely depends upon your scalp type. If you have oily hair, you might want to wash them every day, while if your hair is dry, you may only need to wash it twice a week.

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  • Hair loss is inherited from mothers: It is often said that it mostly depends on your mother’s side of the family if you will shed hair or not. Hair loss is indeed hereditary, and how much hair you shed often depends on your parents’ genes. But no study says that mothers alone are responsible for inherited hair loss in a person, and hair loss is a genetic trait that either parent can inherit.
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