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Top Six Exciting Features of Social Media Monitoring Enabled by Netbasequid


Top Six Exciting Features of Social Media Monitoring Enabled by Netbasequid

Every business needs a mode of improving it brand awareness using various mediums. Social media is a great way to expand your reach and increase exposure. However, this process is extremely valuable and careful monitoring is required. Tracking the right metrics and following a plan will take your marketing to the next level. This post will indicate some features of a social media monitoring tool, Netbasequid.

1.Centralized Analytics

Netbasequid is an amazing tool because it has all of your needed analytics in one place. How many followers you have, how many likes, shares, and replies you have received. It also gives url tracking for video and image posts. The analytics feature makes it very easy to see what is working on social media and what isn’t. This tool also has a nice touch by allowing you to share the information in real time with colleagues or superiors.

2.Social Analytics Collection

This tool allows you to create a schedule for your analytics collection. You can choose what time intervals you wish to collect data from and also decide if you wish the program to email you when the data is available for review. This is a great feature that allows the social media manager or marketer to check up on analytics at their leisure. This enables you to avoid being overwhelmed by unneeded updates.


One thing that makes this tool great is the ability to schedule posts and analytics gathering. You can set a schedule for specific times of day and what types of data you wish to have collected from your social media accounts. This allows your team to focus on other tasks allowing you to keep track of the majority of posts without the distractions.

Apart from conducting auto-scheduling, this tool allows you to add your tags. Tags can be organized by category or by the accounts you are tagging. This way you can easily keep track of your social media marketing and not send the same post to four different accounts. This ensures that you send unique content to your customers.

4. Reporting

This social media monitoring tool is healthy for your brand. It provides a lot of information about your accounts and also allows links to more detailed reports. It also gives statistics on previous posts and social media traffic by day and week. This information is vital for determining the most successful posting times and which social media accounts are more active.

5.URL Tracking

URL tracking is a great feature that allows you to track the amount of clicks you get on various types of links. This helps to determine what type of link will work the best for a specific post or campaign. The URL tracking covers all types of links, whether they are direct links, images, video, or audio clips. The reports also show how much traffic is coming from each social media site as well as what percentage of the traffic convert into sales.

6.Location Searches

This tool also allows you to search for locations within a given radius of any location you post. This is extremely valuable should you wish to increase awareness of your brand in a specific area. The tool provides the latitude, longitude, and address of where the searches were performed. By using this feature, you get specific information such as:

  • how to get new customers in new places
  • what type of interest your brand has in certain locations
  • how to better engage with customers in specific areas

Audience Analytics

Social media monitoring provides an accurate picture of your social media audience. It shows their gender, age, and interests. This way you can better target your posts to a specific audience and also know the type of content your customers are looking for. With the vast amount of information it provides, you can easily improve your business and engage with customers in a meaningful way.

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