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Top Features That Make The 10×10 Custom Tents Ideal for Tradeshow Booths and Outdoor Events

10x10 custom tent

If you are a business owner participating in a tradeshow, you need an eye-catching booth to pull crowds. More people visiting your booth means better brand promotion. What is that one accessory that can help you create the perfect booth for your brand in outdoor events? The answer is the 10×10 custom tent. Why? Let’s see

1. The perfect shade from the elements

Outdoor events tend to attract bigger crowds than indoor events because people love to enjoy the fresh outdoor air. Besides, tradeshow booths look much more appealing in an outdoor setting. 

Tradeshow booths serve two purposes at once. They make for pavilions to exhibit products and services. And they offer protection to participants and visitors from the elements. Modern outdoor canopy tents are made from waterproof and UV-resistant materials. This makes them a safe shelter for people. 

2. Easy to transport, install and store

Modern 10×10 custom canopy tents are made from lightweight materials. This means that they can be easily transported from one place to another. They are also easy to install and pack, when not in use. Take for instance the Pavilion and Pinnacle Range of outdoor canopy tents from Extreme Canopy. 

These tents have PVC canopies and aluminium frames. Both these materials are lightweight and durable, and cost-effective as well. The tents are easy to set up and take down once an event is over. And you can carry them anywhere you want. 

Installation Tips

Go through the tent’s manual carefully. Modern heavy-duty pop-up canopies are fairly easy to set up.  Tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy employ a simple no-assembly-required design for their products. 

Follow these simple steps:

  • Take out the tent from its bag.
  • Expand the frame slightly.
  • Adjust leg-heights.  
  • Attach the canopy to the frame.
  • Expand the frame to its full size.
  • Attach appropriate accessories like walls or weights, depending upon your requirement.
  • Tighten fasteners.

And there you are! Your custom canopy tent is ready for use. A 10×10 tent is easier to install than its larger counterparts. With a little help, you can easily set up your booth in a tradeshow. 

3. Occupies less space

The 10×10 custom tent occupies much less space than its larger counterparts. This makes it perfect for outdoor events because of the following reasons:

  • Not all outdoor events accommodate large pavilions. But a 10×10 canopy tent is perfect for all outdoor events due to its optimum size. 
  • You don’t need a large space for your tradeshow booth. This means lower rents to be paid to event organisers. 
  • Your tent looks busy even with a small crowd. And a busy brand pavilion attracts more people! Besides, a small crowd in a large tent looks sparse and unexciting. It is better to avoid such a scenario.
  • You can interact with people better in a small booth. This means you can reach out to potential customers more effectively.

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4. Easy to customise and promote your brand

Your outdoor canopy tent is not just a shelter solution. Think of it as a brand promotion tool for tradeshows. Custom tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy offer a wide range of bespoke services to their customers. Make use of these services and turn your 10×10 canopy tent into an effective brand promotion tool.


  • Modern tents come with canopies made of PVC or polyester. These materials are extremely easy to customise. Use digital printing services offered by your tent manufacturer to print your brand logo on your tent canopy.
  • Make sure your brand’s slogan is printed in large, legible fonts that are visible from a fair distance. 
  • If you have colour preferences, you can have your tent canopy manufactured in your chosen colours. Research suggests that vibrant hues of blue, red, orange and yellow are most effective in keeping the sun’s heat and UV radiations out. They are also appealing to viewers and can leave a lasting impression. 
  • Make use of promotional materials like banners and flags along with your tent in tradeshows to promote your brand more effectively. Event tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy also manufacture banners. Make use of the bespoke services they offer to design the perfect outdoor banner for your brand. 

5. A proper investment

It is advisable to invest in buying a 10x10 custom tent. Renting a tent comes with a number of major disadvantages. Whereas, buying one gives you all the freedom you need. Custom tents manufactured by brands like Extreme Canopy are cost-effective, durable, and come with warranties on canopies and frames. This makes these accessories excellent value for money.  


A 10×10 custom tent is a versatile accessory that has revolutionised the outdoor event landscape with its Features, Advantages and Benefits. Everyday brands, big and small, reap the benefits of owning this simple yet effective accessory, all around the globe. Why leave money on the table, when you can promote your brand easily with the 10×10 custom tent? 

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