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Things to do in Dubai this New Year’s Eve – A guide to your celebrations


One of the most extravagant cities in the world, Dubai, is famous for its lavish New Year celebrations. From the biggest fireworks, luxurious yacht parties to amazing hotel experiences, New Year’s is the best time to be in Dubai. To help you plan your New Year’s Eve celebration, we have put together a detailed guide, listing out all the buzzing events and activities you should know about.

Why is Dubai considered the perfect destination to celebrate your New Year?

Where the glamor is high and the lifestyle is rich, people will flock to celebrate their New Years’. This is why Dubai is popular. From the greatest firework shows in the world to the plethora of parties you can attend. Moreover, tourists and residents have a wide variety of things that they can do to elevate their celebrations, and make it memorable. Hence, making this beautiful city the perfect destination to celebrate your New Year.

6 best ways to celebrate your New Year in Dubai

From the best New Year yacht rentals for charter, to the top destinations to visit and hotels to stay in. Here are 6 best ways to elevate your New Year celebrations in Dubai:


  • Luxury dinner cruise
  • Burj Khalifa fireworks
  • Global Village New Year’s celebrations
  • Atlantis Dubai fountain show and fireworks
  • Desert Safari on New Year’s Eve
  • Dubai clubs New Year Party

Luxury dinner cruise

What better way to celebrate your New Year from the comfort of your own private yacht. Yes, you heard that right. Private yacht rental companies in Dubai are offering you exclusive New Year rental packages to enjoy your celebrations out in the sea.


“There’s no better way to end a beautiful year, and welcome another one than on a private yacht.”


Yacht rental companies provide a selection of Yachts for rent. Here are some yacht options you can choose from, and their highlights:


Yacht Models for RentHighlight featuresPrices
Aicon 85 Tayget85 ft. (20 – Capacity and 6 Guests)AED 50,000 (6 hours)
Fairline 76 – Liberty76 ft. (33 – Capacity and 6 Guests)AED 35,000 (6 hours)
San Lorenzo 72 – FOS72 ft. (30 – Capacity and 8 Guests)AED 75,000 (6 hours)
Sunseeker 90 Fly – Notorious90 ft. (20 – Capacity and 8 Guests)AED 40,000 (7 hours)
Duretti 85 – Black Pearl85 ft. (45 – Capacity and 6 Guests)AED 45,000 (6 hours)


From a luxurious dinner cruise, to overnight stay and host of other premium amenities, rent a yacht to make your New Year celebration more memorable.

Burj Khalifa fireworks

People from all over the world come to witness this grand spectacle, that is the Burj Khalifa New Year’s firework show. Close to 178,000 kgs of fireworks are used to create what is quite literally amongst the most amazing pyrotechnics in the world.


You not only get to watch the fireworks at Burj Khalifa but also get to see the fountain show accompanied by the most beautiful laser show as well. The selection of hotels you can stay at around the Burj Khalifa to witness this grand celebration include:


Hotels around Burj KhalifaApproximate Prices
Address BoulevardAED 1,799 Per Night
Address Dubai MallAED 1,799 Per Night
Rove DowntownAED 498 Per Night
Paramount Hotel MidtownAED 1,050 Per Night
Taj DubaiAED 950 Per Night
Address Sky ViewAED 1,999 Per Night


Stay in one of these five star hotels to experience the most exciting New Year celebration in Dubai.

Global Village New Year’s celebrations

Celebrate New Year with more than 80 countries in Dubai. The Global Village Carnival is a multicultural event that is set to begin on October 25th 2022. It showcases everything from music, entertainment, cuisine, clothing and more, from different countries across the world.


This destination continues to be a favorite among tourists and residents to visit on New Year’s Eve. The Global Village is certainly a great way to celebrate your New Year with friends and family.

Atlantis Dubai fountain show and fireworks

What is already one of the most mesmerizing mega structures in the world, Palm Jumeirah Dubai, features the largest fountain ever built. Located at the center of its crescent is the Atlantis Resorts, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.


‘The Palm Fountain’ as it is known, has two large floating platforms that span across an area of 14,000 sq meters in the sea. Accompanied with over 3,000 LEDs, the show you get to witness on New Year’s Eve is absolutely extraordinary. You can choose to watch this beautiful fountain show right from the island or from a rental yacht, the option is yours.


It’s not just the fountain show that you get to enjoy, but along with it you will also witness an exceptional firework display at Palm Jumeirah.

Desert Safari on New Year’s Eve

To go on a Desert Safari, you don’t really need an occasion. Yet, New Year is very popularly celebrated here. Apart from the long drive into the desert, the camping, dining, and entertainment you experience. The weather during New Year’s is perfect.


With temperatures dropping down to 16°C, the weather conditions in December makes New Year celebrations even more cozy and exciting. Many visitors from other Emirates come to Dubai on New Years to enjoy the pleasant weather, while getting to experience the lavish celebrations as well.

Dubai clubs New Year Party

A celebration for partying enthusiasts, the Dubai New Year’s party is hosted by a number of high-end clubs in the city. From Marina, JBR to places in Palm Jumeirah and Downtown, the New Year party options are plenty.


“Dubai never settles for anything less than number 1, and you see that with their extraordinary New Year’s celebration firework.”


From live music performances by global music sensations, to open bars and gourmet cuisines, the New Year parties in Dubai are a must to visit.

Things to know if your planning to celebrate your New Year’s in Dubai

Whether you currently live in Dubai or are planning to visit during the month of December, it’s important to note a few essential things about New Year’s. To help understand what those are, we have a put together a list of aspect you should know:


  • Huge crowd in public spaces
  • Pre-book your hotels
  • Increase in traffic
  • Winter season
  • Popular locations
  • Carry your ID

Huge crowd in public spaces

It’s no doubt that, with over a million visitors coming into the city the crowds across Dubai are going to be huge. From shopping malls to hotels, the amount of people gathering will be astronomical. Therefore, we advise everyone to continue taking necessary precautions pertaining to Covid.


Another related point to note is, while gathering in such crowded places make sure to take additional care of your belongings.

Pre-book your hotels and other services

It’s New Year’s, hence it goes without saying that the hotels and resorts across Dubai are going to be booked. To find a hotel room that best suits your needs, we recommend you to pre-book one at least one month in advance.


As mentioned above you can book a hotel close to the Burj Khalifa, or at the Palm Jumeirah to enjoy your New Year celebrations.

Increase in traffic

Visitors from neighboring Emirates and countries drive to Dubai during the month of December. Therefore, the possibility of road congestion is high. Perhaps, the best way to get to your desired location on time, would be to leave early if you are driving or use the Dubai Metro services.

Winter season

Predicted to start by the end of October, winter is around the corner in Dubai. Temperatures in some regions can drop down to 10°C. Therefore, it’s advisable to carry a pair of extra winter clothes while planning a desert safari, and especially while cruising out on a yacht.


“The pleasant weather makes it perfect to celebrate your New Year’s outdoors.”

Popular locations

Although we have discussed some of the top destinations to visit during New Year’s, there are few other places to consider visiting. Places like Marina Dubai, Gold Souq, Meydan City, Downtown Dubai, are some of the places that host happening New Year celebrations.

Carry your ID

An aspect that’s not limited for New Year’s only but requires extra emphasis is to carry your official government ID. For residents the Emirates ID is essential to be carried at all times. Tourists on the other hand, must have a valid ID proof or their passport for identification.


The reason we suggest you carry this is, since a large number of people are expected to visit the region, random checks at public places by authorities could be conducted for the safety of people. Hence, having your ID on you is helpful.

Enjoy a luxurious New Year celebration in Dubai

In less than two and half months the world is set to welcome a new year. For all those who are planning to elevate their New Year experience, and surprise their loved ones, Dubai is the perfect destination. From renting your own yacht to places to visit in the city, we have provided you with an easy guide to New Year’s in Dubai.

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