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The Top Shipping Tips for Small Businesses


The quality of shipping service that you provide as a small business can have a big impact on the relationships you can form with your customers. Your shipping is vital as it will have a big impact on the first physical impression you have on your customers. This means that when shipping is delivered to a high standard, you can create a solid foundation to build valuable and long-lasting customer relationships.

Shipping is not only important for building meaningful relationships with customers but it can also representant a huge waste of assets when it is not executed to a high standard. This guide is here to help you learn the top tips to ensure successful shipping operations for your small business

Understand Fluctuations

When you are running any business, it is useful to understand the peaks and troughs of demands for your products, but this information can be particularly valuable when it comes to shipping. Understanding the fluctuations in demand can better enable you to adjust your routines to ensure you are always able to fulfill the highest quality delivery service.

There are many steps that you can take to ensure you can deal with the increase in demand for your products. For example, you could take on more warehouse staff in time for your busy season. You can also be using a service like Shiply to find cheaper rates with less-than-load options and find drivers who can fulfill your LTL freight shipping requirements.

Establish Packaging Protocol 

As previously outlined, one of the reasons why shipping is so important is that it is often your first opportunity to make a physical first impression on a customer. Establishing a clear packaging protocol can be vital when it comes to making the right first impression on a customer. When you are establishing a packaging protocol there are two main areas to consider: aesthetic and protection.

You should establish guidelines to ensure all packing material is being used in the right way to ensure the utmost protection while products are being shipped. You should also spend some time reviewing your packaging material to ensure they are in line with your brand image. Using brand-tailored boxes and packaging materials can help you to stand out when it comes to delivery

Think of Sustainability 

Studies have found that many modern consumers are actively seeking out businesses that prioritize sustainability. Making your business’s delivery services more sustainable can take on many different forms. For example, you could spend some time thinking about how you could make the delivery process more sustainable. Alternatively, you could swap to only using sustainable materials in your packaging.

Offer Tracking 

Consumers have come to expect certain services when they shop online and tracking is one of these. Offering your customers the ability to track their order helps you to create the right impression as you are meeting the expected consumer standards. Offering other shipping options, like next-day delivery and the choice for a customer to determine where their package is left can also be a great way of improving perceptions of your brand.


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