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LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents


LinkedIn is more than a website to show off your work history and connect with other professionals. It is a powerhouse for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. It provides an environment focused on professional networking and development.

With just under 700 million daily users, there are more than enough potential clients for your insurance agency. All you have to do is to reach them by employing an effective insurance marketing strategy on LinkedIn. Simply having a profile is not enough to attract clients, but you’re on the right track if you have one.

Below are LinkedIn marketing tactics for insurance agents to attract more clients and transform your business.

Company Page Vs. Personal Profile

Having an updated personal profile may seem like an obvious suggestion. As an insurance agency owner, you need to manage your agency’s company page and your profile. Whenever a customer visits your company page, they may want to explore your profile. Both these pages present an opportunity to make an impression.

You should make sure that your company page is complete. Whenever you achieve a new professional skill, attain a new goal, or achieve something of significance, make sure to add it to your profile.

Your profile provides you with a chance to share your expertise. It also provides you with an opportunity to showcase your ability to provide solutions to your prospective clients.

Your agency’s company page outlines your company’s profile. All aspects of your profile apply here. The “About” section outlines your agency’s bio, mission statement as well as achievements, always put your address in this section.

Remember, Content is King

According to a study conducted by HubSpot, LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate of all social media channels. This conversion rate was at 2.74 percent. This was 277 percent higher than both Twitter (0.699 percent) and Facebook (0.77 percent). You should take advantage of LinkedIn’s superior ability to convert new leads. To leverage this, you need to create content that engages your audience.

Quality content enables you to achieve brand awareness, help grow your brand’s reach and create consumer engagement with your brand. Every time you share content on LinkedIn, you’re establishing a solid relationship with your audience and developing new relationships with new individuals.

Having content on your personal LinkedIn profile is about establishing your professional expertise. Everything from presenting your resume, to endorsing skills and certifications helps in establishing it.

The same applies to your company’s LinkedIn page. The content on your LinkedIn page adds value to your agency’s page because it provides information to your audience that they are looking to hire an expert. By posting content on your agency’s page, you will be differentiating yourself from your competition. The content posted should be able to prove your expertise.

The content posted on your profile and agency’s page will help you establish credibility in an environment where it is composed of professionals. The content posted should be SEO friendly and engaging. It should be relevant and must have keywords that are targeted within the content. Sharing content from your industry leaders and partners is also essential.

Your Employees are Good Resources

LinkedIn connections are inherently rooted in a professional relationship. The same applies to your employees. Your employees’ friends connected with the employees because of their professional relationships. Therefore, your marketing content will become successful on LinkedIn. 

It does not matter if you have three or 200 employees within your agency. They provide opportunities and are the best brand ambassadors on any social platform. It is therefore good for your employees to share professional content. Therefore, your employee’s LinkedIn followers can consume and develop trust through leadership content shared by employees.

Encourage your employees to be advocates of your brand. If they share professional content, their profile will look more professional thus helping your agency create new leads.

LinkedIn for Business to Consumer (B2C)

LinkedIn is widely known as a powerful B2B tool. However, if utilized properly, it can help your agency to generate new leads for personal lines. With thought leadership content, you can gain trust from your followers which nurtures them into potential clients.

Every contact you make on LinkedIn is a potential lead. That does not mean you should treat them that way, but at least you get a foot in the door. For every new contact you make, send a special message reminding them of your business. Provide them with your contact information and ask them to subscribe to your emails for updates on insurance. This enables you to drop them into your drip campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn is not a marketplace. It is about establishing relationships in a professional environment. Optimize your profile as well as those of your employees for professionalism. Post-professional content to enhance your ad market and your agency. This will ensure that your insurance marketing endeavors become a success.

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