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How to Use Trello to manage your Project Management


As the leader, it’s your primary responsibility to inspire your team members to be the most ideal version of them. If you can do it right the group will perform well but they will also be happy in their work as well.

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The balance between a leader’s mindset and a teamwork approach is among the most difficult problems for managers who are newly hired and supervisors, particularly when they are focused on others while doing their own work.

You’ve probably read numerous books or managed others for years however, leading an entire team and encouraging the team to perform better is an art that is attainable as easily as riding a bike or programming.

But, there’s no any one-size-fits-all method to be “the most effective mentor you’ve ever had,” though there are several steps you can implement in order to make sure that you and your team is quickly improving and eventually more efficient. Here are five tips to make the most of your employees at your workplace.

Innovative Compensation and productivity : Let’s suppose you’ve selected a worker who is skilled and capable of getting the task completed to your satisfaction. Make sure your team knows that you are confident in them, and encourage their efforts by giving the opportunity to develop innovative methods and search for ways to improve productivity. Also, encourage those who demonstrate real creativity. In encouraging this type of behavior, you create an environment in which employees can see the connection with their accomplishments and the growth of the company.

Allocate Tasks People Enjoy

It is no secret that people are more productive when they are given a job they love. Make sure you know your employees, and take time to learn about their hobbies, skills and personal preferences to better manage their workload and improve their productivity. Do not bind them to strictly specified job descriptions. When one employee prefers using a computer, and the other prefers customer service, you can re-balance the responsibilities to match the individual strengths.

Encourage Transparency and Feedback

The majority of leaders out there are scared to admit when they are not right is a hard habit to establish and is vital for transparency and honesty in the workplace. In the position of leader we are often conditioned to believe that we must demonstrate control and always be in the right. However, it is a sign of confidence when you admit that you aren’t sure of the solution to a question or have made mistakes. This will establish the illusion of transparency among your employees and promote an environment of learning. If you’re using any software to monitor the productivity of your employees, such as one of the top time tracking program it is important to make it clear to your employees so that they can see their clocked hours and also.

Listen : It is a good idea of listening at your staff members. Encourage them to express their thoughts. Be aware of the work you do when employing them.

Embrace an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Many companies are against foster an entrepreneurial mindset in their employees, citing the possibility that they could lose the best talent. But the truth is that a person who is driven and entrepreneur-like is likely to leave the company regardless of how good their position may be. A leader who doesn’t hesitate to lose such an employee shows his team that he appreciates their development and growth.

The Hult Business School define an entrepreneurial attitude as “People who have a desire to be different and the ability to come up with new ideas.” A worker who has the opportunity to think out of boundaries is innovative in coming up with innovative and efficient methods of performing everyday tasks.

The Final Words

Employers who have invested in their employees could extend their employment by years. Start by communicating openly and establishing a dialogue about their needs and work together to develop an effective plan. With a holistic approach, you can inspire your team by creating an environment of collaboration, hard work and accountability. 

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