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Freelancer versus App Development Company


Freelancer versus App Development Company

Today, many companies choose freelancers to get their projects done. But some companies still depend on app Development companies to complete their projects. When it comes to app development work, many new businesses offer chances to individuals to get the best quality apps. On the other hand, some reputed companies choose app development companies.

In this blog, we will discuss the differences between a freelancer and an app development company. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of both of them.

Differences between Freelancer and App Development Company

Here is the list of major differences between a freelancer and an app development company:

  1. Legal issues in the work

Hiring an app development company is safe for any new business. Professionals know the latest business laws and rules. They also reduce the risk of fraud in the business.

Freelancers might not know all the legal obligations for doing business. Your business might have to face some legal issues by hiring a freelancer.

  1. Cost of hiring

Now, this is the area where you will get benefit from hiring a freelancer. App development companies charge heavy fees for completing different projects. They may also charge fees after completing the projects.

Freelancers charge lower fees than app development companies. You have to pay fees to freelancers after the project completion. They also give the best quality work at low fees.

  1. Wide range of services

App Development Company provides a variety of services from app development to business consultation. On the other hand, freelancers have limited ideas. They can give a specific kind of service to your company.

App development companies have expertise that you won’t find normally in freelancers. Professionals have a knack to develop every type of app.

  1. Good customer support

You will receive good customer support from the app Development Company. Professionals will answer your queries and do changes to projects from time to time. They also do improvements in projects.

Freelancers might not improve good customer support. They might also leave your project due to some reasons.

  1. Expertise

Expertise is the area where app development companies win over freelancers. These app development companies have skilled teams of mobile app development. They also know coding, app development process, and other techniques properly. You will get accurate service and the best quality work within the right time.

Freelancers lack expertise in different types of work. Most of the freelancers are beginners and lack proper experience and skills.  The quality of work might spoil by hiring freelancers.

Final words

Both app development companies and freelancer shave their benefits and drawbacks. You can hire both to get the best quality work. The best way is to divide the work between both freelancers and app development companies.

If you have a large business, hire an app development company for developing apps and give technical work to freelancers. On the other hand, small businesses can hire freelancers at less cost and get their work done with expertise.

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