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Who is Ernest Khalimov (Gigachad). Is He Still Alive ?

Ernest Khalimov

About  Ernest Khalimov

Ernest Khalimov was born in Moscow, Russia on the 1st of March 1969. As of today his age, he is 52 years old. He began his career as fitness model and bodybuilder in Russia. He currently lives in Russia and continues to job with Russia as a very well-known model who is known because of his beautiful appearance, muscular body, and jawline that is super sleek. He’s worked extremely hard to get what he is in the world of today. While surrounded by controversies at times, through his constant determination and hard work, the man has ruled social media with enormous fans who go in awe of the man.

Ernest Khalimov Details

NameErnest Khalimov
Birthdate1st March 1969
Age (as in 2022) 52 years
HometownMoscow, Russia
Zodiac sign/ Star signPisces
Height (approximately)6 feet and 8 inches
Weight (approx.):99 kg
Body measurements: 35 – 28 – 36 inches
Eye color: light brown mostly
Hair color: black
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christianity
Net Worth:  $1 Million (approx.)

Is GigaChad a Real Person?

Ernest Khalimov


Ernest’s memes were the talk of the town since the photo was revealed three years ago. It was a perfect representation of his physique.

A lot of people have asked how anyone could be so perfect.

He’s possibly the most manly of all men, as some assert. But is he actually real beyond images?

If you think that Ernest’s photos are being edited to enhance his body You are likely to reconsider your opinion.

Ernest Khalimov On Social Media:

Ernest is a well-known bodybuilder and health model celebrity who earns the bulk of his income via the offline and online endorsements of brands and appearances which he does for various brands. In addition, she earns her net worth from her status as a popular Instagram famous person with thousands of loyal and loyal users on Instagram.

The amount of followers he has on Instagram is staggering. Instagram and the looks that he creates for various brands of men’s clothing is more than enough for him to make thousands of dollars immediately.

Ernest Khalimov, also known as GigaChad also has an Instagram account with the username of Berlin. in the year 1969. The bio of the account was “The only account that is on this Network. Yes, I was aware of the memes you create for your friends”. The page has 293k followers and just 18 posts.

Account Info 


How Does Ernest Khalimov Look?

Ernest Khalimov

If you’re a big admirer of the bodybuilder and supermodel Ernest Khalimov, then you’ll be interested in knowing what he looks like, don’t you? You’re at the right spot since we’ll share some juicy information regarding his physique here.

According to the sources Ernest Khalimov is estimated to weigh about 98kg or 216.05 pounds. As a model, he stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 11 inches, or 210 centimeters. Eyes appear dark and brown. The star is active and works out to keep in shape.

He is model for the “Sleek and tears’ company

Ernest Khalimov

If you visit the Instagram account Sleek and Tears page, which is run by Krista Sudmalis, you’ll find the Gigachad model Ernest Khalimov.

Krista captures bodybuilders’ pictures and Ernest is in the center of a few of these photos.

Additionally, his first Instagram account is also tagged in all of these images.

Sudamlis as per her Instagram profile she is the founder of Sleek ‘N’ Tears . She also co-owns a clothing business with Khalimov. However, the gorgeous photographer is set on a different man.

Some Interesting Facts About Ernest Khalimov

Are you a fan of Ernest Khalimov? Then you’re likely to learn more about his life. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting details about the life of the popular star in this article:

According to the reports, GigaChad started working as a fitness model following the completion of his studies at the university.

  • He is also a professional bodybuilder as well as a fitness instructor.
  • He has a perfect shape and muscular body.
  • Sources from the media reveal that Gigachad’s height is approximately 6 feet 11 inches and weighs around 98 kilograms.
  • He is a brand ambassador for many fitness brands.
  • As a Fitness model, the actor was a model for a variety of popular brands for men.
  • Ernest Khalimov’s Twitter account had more than 294k followers as of June 2021.
  • The first Insta post-Insta on the 10th of December, 2016.

Is GigaChad Real or Fake?

If you’re a regular participant on social media You must have seen that since the image of GigaChad was made viral, people are curious to find out if the story is true or not. We will discover what transpired in the real world. In October 2017, Ernest Khalimov shared an image online which appeared to show him trying to make himself cloned.

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This image has led people to believe that it was the creation of the famous creator of digital media “Krista Sudmalis.’However, according to media reports, GigaChad actually is an exercise model. It has been made clear in his post which he posted on April 24, 2021. If you’re still in question, head over and check out the profile of his Insta profile.

Some Interesting Details About GigaChad Memes

Ernest Khalimov

While Ernest Khalimov was an extremely popular bodybuilder and model for quite a while It was not until people began to make memes from his viral photos. In actual fact, there are a lot of GigaChad memes to be found online.

It’s no surprise that he gained a lot of attention in an extremely short amount of time. GigaChad expressed his gratitude to his followers for their comments on his position and expressed appreciation. He is currently at the height of his career and he’s not taking notice of any form of negative events in his life.

Was Ernest Khalimov Injured in A Car Accident?

According to reports online, there was a report in April 2021 that Ernest Khalimov was killed in a car crash. It was certainly a strange one. In reality, the star himself was quite awed by these memes.

The media sources later confirmed that the story of GigaChad’s auto accident was just a report. The celeb is healthy and healthy and hasn’t been involved in any serious accident.

What’s the matter regarding the Gigachad ad?

Ernest is still active on social media and has over 700k followers. Ernest keeps his personal life private, which means you won’t be able to get intimate details about Ernest. You won’t see Ernest his name on Wikipedia.


Ernest Khalimov who is also known as Sophie GigaChad is a very well-known Russian bodybuilder, fitness model as well as fitness instructor, Internet businessman, and personality. His birthplace was in Moscow, Russia, and gained fame when he appeared in the Sleek’N’Tears show as a model sporting an impeccable jawline and strong body.

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