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What Are Some of the Main Causes of Hair Fall?

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In today’s day and age, hair fall is a big issue. In past years, hair fall was not as common as it is today. People in their thirties, twenties, and even teenagers are also dealing with hair fall. If you are one of those people who are facing extreme hair fall then it is time for you to take a step. You don’t have to worry about anything. We are here to help you analyze your situation.

There Can Be So Many Causes of Your Hair Fall

If you are dealing with almost baldness or you want to save your hair from falling abruptly then you need to think hard. Bald people, male or female both should immediately consider hair transplantation. That can save you from further issues. The pattern of your hair fall matters.

 You need to see if your hair is falling frequently or slowly. See if your hair is getting thin, or it needs some boosters to regrow again or they regrow on their own without any treatments. Also, see if your hair requires proper emergency care to stop them from falling. All these factors matter.

Genetics Can Be the Main Culprit

Hereditary hair loss is usually the cause of baldness in males and females. Most people experience hair fall due to their genes. It means that these people have the genes which allow their hair follicles to start shrinking with time. 

The main sign of this is a small spot revealing their scalp at the top of their head. There will be a bald spot on their head. Hereditary hair loss in females can be seen as the thinning of their hair. You can save your hair by controlling hair loss in this situation. 

You can save your hair from falling abruptly by incorporating treatment during the early stage. That will help you to regrow your hair and save you from sudden baldness. Remember that hereditary hair loss is common in both males and females.


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Age Factor

In some people, age is the cause of hair loss. Most of the time with early treatment, you can save your hair from falling and help regrow hair. It occurs because of age at some level, hair follicles shrink or stop producing more hair resulting in complete hair loss. 

What is Alopecia Areata?

It is a disease where a person’s body’s immune system destroys his hair follicles and attacks them. Hair follicles cannot stand that and stops hair growth. It will cause the patient to lose his overall body hair, even the eyebrows and eyelashes too. 

In some cases, natural regrowth can happen, but you can also stimulate the growth of your hair with the help of treatment, you can stimulate the follicles to regrow hair. 


Cancer treatment involves chemotherapy which is very crucial for every cancer patient. Chemotherapy causes hair fall. After you stop getting chemotherapy, hair starts to grow back. You can also wear a cooling cap during and after chemotherapy to prevent hair loss. Dermatologists help to grow hair back faster with the help of different treatments.


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